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January 2011

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Frequently Asked Questions

But it's still early and there aren't enough pieces inspiring me, yet. What do I do?
You are allowed to post a root before you do three branches, so long as the ratio is maintained. 

Is fan-fiction allowed?
Yes, although you must include a disclaimer in the header.

Do I have to use lj-cuts for my fiction?
Yes, out of respect for everyone's friend's page.

Where do I find how to format my post for this community?
See the Posting Guidelines.

What do I do if I have a question you haven't answered yet?
Ask it in a comment on this post.

How do I contact a moderator privately?
Send an e-mail to rootfic@gmail.com and please include your lj username.

Am I allowed to post something I've written previously?
Yes, as long as it fits whatever storyline it's involved in, or is a root piece.

Is there a minimum or maximum wordcount?
No, though keep in mind the story must have enough meat to it to be able to inspire at least two spin-off ideas, and that most people don't like to read really long fiction on live-journal.

But what if I didn't establish a location or setting when I wrote my story?
That's fine -- if it's been left "open" you don't need to tag it. Tags like "Setting: Pern" are for ease of navigation, nothing more.

What if a root story inspires me to write a branch that isn't listed in the footer?
That's fine -- those are just to help inspire you and give authors an idea of what they could write -- like prompts! They're not meant to be limiting.

Can I write a branch for a story that is, itself, a branch from another story?
Of course! The longer the chain of branches, the more fun it is at the end of the month when we put the storylines together.

Can I go back and edit my story?
Of course. However, a few things of note:
  • You have at least 30 days to make edits that will appear in the monthly newsletter--any edits made after that won't "count" for the purposes of the .pdfs
  • Changing the footer to have the Potential Branch ideas link to completed branches is highly encouraged but is in no way mandatory.
  • Updating post tags with information established by later branches is also encouraged, i.e. if you leave the setting open and a later branch places it in a particular city or fandom or universe.