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January 2011

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Title: Progress
Summary: Dominic has to teach Pam self-defense.
Rating: G
Wordcount: 260
Disclaimers: Inspired by the Black Jewels Trilogy
Note: Originally posted to the promptbingo community, where etacanis's comment inspired the creation of this community. Constructive criticism encouraged!

Her muscles were tense, expression blank and withdrawn. He could tell she didn’t want to be there. Her feet were planted firmly, but she leaned away from him.

“Come on, Pam. You need to be able to do this.”

Her movements were slow and reluctant, but she loosened her stance and set her face into more determined lines.

Dominic ran at her, deliberately telegraphing his intent so that she would have a chance to fight back. She fell back two steps before remembering to raise her hands defensively. He froze, then sighed.

“I’m sorry.” She hunched her shoulders and hung her head.

He shook off her apology and walked past her toward the water fountain. She turned to keep him in sight. He got a cup of water and offered it to her. She took it.

“Thank you,” she said, huddling over the cup.

As she drank, he moved away. It was easy to let her think he was through for the day. She was used to people taking pity on her.

When he came up behind her and grabbed her arms, pinning them, she dropped the cup and tried to struggle. He let her attempt to break his grip until she gave up, then moved away a moment after her body went limp with defeat.

“If you get hurt because you didn’t want to learn to defend yourself, your husband will have us both whipped,” he hissed.

Her back went ramrod straight. “If he so much thinks of raising his hand to me, I’ll gut him,” she swore.

He figured it was progress.

Potential Branch #1: Why does Pam need to learn to defend herself?
Potential Branch #2: How did Pam and her husband meet?